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InnoSer joins TRANSMED programme

TRANSMED brings together four academic groups with four non-academic and SME partners  and four associated partners. The academic groups are EKUT, UNIMORE, ULUND and HI, the non-academic and SME partners are SPPD, INCU, Oculis and InnoSer. The four associated partners are 2BBB, BIOLOG, NLO and HCTC.

Each partner will provide specific critical expertise, which allows TRANSMED to present a training plan that covers all major aspects of translational research:

  • Basic research into disease mechanisms and target definition;
  • drug design and development;
  • in vitro test systems and in vivo disease models;
  • drug delivery systems;
  • good manufacturing practice;
  • toxicological testing and pharmacokinetics;
  • regulatory affairs;
  • intellectual property;
  • all the way to clinical trials and commercialisation.

To provide the project’s PhD students with the broadest possible overview TRANSMED builds on and integrates three relevant translational projects which are at the early pre-clinical, late pre-clinical, and early clinical stages, respectively. The training is completed by a secondment and hands-on course programme from industry to academia and vice versa, permitting further insight and networking in the European biotech industry.

The TRANSMED programme offers its students excellent opportunities to obtain a competitive PhD degree in a critical area of biomedical research, providing for a strong employability both in the private and public sector.