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Innoser expands its operations to Belgium

InnoSer expands its activities to Belgium by opening a new facility in BioVille, a bio-incubator located at the university campus in Diepenbeek. By its presence, InnoSer wants to accommodate the increasing demand for preclinical research expertise and infrastructure in Belgium as well as strengthening its position on the European market. InnoSer’s establishment in Belgium could be accomplished by the facility support of LRM, Limburg’s investment company.

Biotech companies active in the development of drugs, need access to a central preclinical facility as an essential part in their development. “Currently, there is a lack of CRO’s with a focus in preclinical research in Belgium. InnoSer will address this need with the support of the investment company LRM and the bio-incubator BioVille. BioVille will provide newly build and state-of-the-art infrastructure specifically designed for InnoSer’s business activities. InnoSer is an important strategic partner for us and we look forward to collaborate with them to boost the life sciences sector in the region.”, says Barbara Leyman, Head of Health and Care LRM.

InnoSer has the necessary permits to offer professional services to academic as well as private partners in order to facilitate and accelerate research for new therapies to cure life-threatening diseases and to improve the quality of life. Innoser’s service portfolio will include the execution of preclinical studies, the development, generation and pathological analysis of rodent models that mimic human diseases (GEMMs), colony management, sanitation, cryopreservation, rederivation as well as facility management.

Innovative research models
In collaboration with local strategic partners, InnoSer will prioritize projects regarding a decreased use of laboratory animals. “At the BioVille facility, a lot of attention will be paid to the development of new, innovative research models like in vitro stem cell technologies as an alternative for animal experiments”, says InnoSer’s CEO Jan Bartels.
The local presence of InnoSer in BioVille but also in Flanders, is a significant asset to stimulate further growth and acquisition of companies in the Health & Care space.