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As of 1 January 2019 we will no longer be accessible by phone via our Dutch number. You can reach us via 32 (0) 11 28 69 00 or

Newsletter May 2019

We'll be attending the 2019 FELASA 14th Congress June 10-13, at the Prague Congress Centre, Booth #A21. Stop by our booth to learn how InnoSer provides the best preclinical services available and how we are working hard to conduct better research with less animals. We will be happy to inform you about our in vitro developments, PDXO platform and much more other innovative biomedical service solutions.

Colony management services
You are looking for higher flexibility and opportunities to reduce the cost of your (GA) mouse models? InnoSer offers maintenance and breeding of your valuable GA mouse models for highly attractive prices under SPF (FELASA 2014) health conditions. We provide a service tailored to your needs, meaning under at least SPF conditions, following FELASA recommendations. Benefit of our web based animal management software, dedicated breeding coordinator and highest welfare standards. Send a mail to and get the best offer!

When you are looking for pathology services InnoSer can offer you these by our collaboration with the Dutch Molecular Pathology Center (DMPC). DMPC is a center of excellence that provides cutting–edge techniques and expertise in the molecular and morphological analysis of experimental animals for research of academic and industrial parties. The DMPC facilitate advanced, qualified and standardized molecular and pathological analysis of experimental animals by a team of board-certified veterinary pathologists with graduate and postgraduate training in animal genetics as well as cellular and molecular biology.