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As of 1 January 2019 we will no longer be accessible by phone via our Dutch number. You can reach us via 32 (0) 11 28 69 00 or

Newsletter January 2019

Eurostars grant for CystArrest

InnoSer Belgium is awarded with an Eurostars grant for project CystArrest in partnership with ManRos Therapeutics (France), Ocello (NL), Leiden University Medical Center (NL) and Endotherm (Germany).

The goal of the CystArrest project is to deliver proof-of-concept for a novel therapeutic for the treatment of Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). PKD is the most common inherited kidney disease, and one of the most common of all life-threatening inherited diseases, with approx. 800,000 patients in Europe. Kidney cysts grow throughout life in patients with PKD, causing symptoms including severe pain, cyst infections, bleeding and abdominal swelling. This eventually results in kidney failure. PKD is responsible for up to 1/10 of all patients needing dialysis or transplantation (50,000 people in Europe). 50% of PKD patients require renal replacement therapy by the age of 60, resulting in health care costs of over € 1.5 billion per year across Europe. A drug to treat or slow the progression of the disease and to improve life expectancy among patients is the top unmet need cited by nephrologists. With no effective treatment options available specifically for PKD, this world-wide health concern calls for urgent action.

InnoSer is growing

We are delighted to introduce the following new colleagues:

• Viki Schroyen Msc, Business Development Manager, Veterinarian
• Kim Frederix PhD, Study Director Immuno-Oncology
• Sarah Hakuno Msc, PDXO project
• Sara Adnane Msc, PDXO project

We would like to welcome all in the InnoSer team.


Marcel Ter Veld appointed at Dutch Central Authority for Scientific Procedures on Animals (CCD)

From January the 1st 2019 Dr Ir Marcel ter Veld, our Director Operations & Services, started as a member of the CCD, the formal Dutch central authority with regards to experimental animal procedures. After his graduation and getting his PhD in Wageningen, Marcel made career in the scientific field, and also guided organizations in building teams and manage facilities in amongst other the pharmaceutical industry. Next to this, he has been a member of several ethical committees in the past.

At InnoSer Marcel acts as the Director Operations and Services since the start in 2012 and is responsible for the operational aspects, the quality management and setting up new initiatives in The Netherlands and abroad.

Marcel ter Veld: "I am looking forward to my newly appointed task. In The Netherlands we have a very strong knowledge and innovation sector, with a broad range of companies focusing in the red biotech and life sciences. Where animal work is necessary a sound justification of this work involved is necessary and I am looking forward to share my knowledge in this field."

The official announcement can be found here.