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Pathological analysis of GEMM research models

Pathological analysis of GEMM research models

Dutch Molecular Pathology Center
The Dutch Molecular Pathology Center (DMPC) is a center of excellence that provides cutting–edge techniques and expertise in the molecular and morphological analysis of experimental animals for research of academic and industrial parties. The DMPC facilitate advanced, qualified and standardized molecular and pathological analysis of experimental animals by a team of board-certified veterinary pathologists with graduate and postgraduate training in animal genetics as well as cellular and molecular biology.

Specifications main equipment
The DMPC has a state-of-the-art facility for processing, staining and imaging of tissues from experimental animals. We offer full necropsy service including:

  • gross examination of tissues
  • appropriate tissue fixation
  • slide preparation
  • histological evaluation.

Pathological findings will be described, digitalized, quantified and interpreted by a comparative expert team composed of veterinary and human pathologists as well as animal model scientists to evaluate the significance of the pathological findings as animal model for human diseases. We offer transgenic reporter marker analysis, such as LacZ and GFP for monitoring tissue cell-type specific expression. In addition we offer quantitative measurements for proliferation/ apoptosis/ differentiation/ inflammation/fibrosis status utilizing immunostainings on animal tissues.

Publications DMPC/ Prof Alain de Bruin: Click here for the PDF