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As of 1 January 2019 we will no longer be accessible by phone via our Dutch number. You can reach us via 32 (0) 11 28 69 00 or
Colony management

Colony management

InnoSer offers maintenance and breeding of your GA mouse models for attractive prices under SPF (FELASA 2014) health conditions. We provide a service tailored to your needs, meaning under at least SPF conditions according to FELASA recommendations, but we also offer customer defined isolator reared, health statuses where necessary our facility houses immunocompetent and incompetent mice in different fields of research.

You will save valuable research funds by InnoSer’s flexible and secure colony management. Breeding is always custom made, based on your needs and agreed upon in a custom-made breeding protocol. We offer a specified breeding coordinator to reach your breeding goals and who follows your colony from start to the end.

Next to this we offer all solutions necessary in the field: cryopreservation, rederivation, sanitation and cryostorage.